On Fresh Resolve, Callings and Loving One Another.

I think fresh resolve is beautiful. But I’ve found that mine doesn’t come every January when the year resets but when I wake up in the morning and I feel cool morning air on my skin like some silent introduction to a new opportunity for servant-hood. I believe with my whole heart that believers often […]

Clearing Cobwebs.

Oh my goodness. There is a layer of dust and cobwebs in this little corner of the internet.  I’ve not abandoned this blog on purpose, I promise. I not only went on tour, but I’ve also taken on several writing projects. I’ve had the pleasure of writing for a stellar organization called RYFO, and I […]


  Sometimes I wake up to this numb quiet and it spurs on that lovely sinking feeling in my limbs. The morning light is brighter than everything else and I just sit with You for a while. Listening. The solitude and wisdom from my favorite books fuels me, and points me upward while You tell […]