Clearing Cobwebs.

Oh my goodness. There is a layer of dust and cobwebs in this little corner of the internet.  I’ve not abandoned this blog on purpose, I promise. I not only went on tour, but I’ve also taken on several writing projects. I’ve had the pleasure of writing for a stellar organization called RYFO, and I […]


I turn 16 years old on Monday. Birthdays make me think about past birthdays. I think about where I was and what was going through my head last year.  We had gone to the Objective Sessions in Nashville a few months earlier, and to be honest I was still processing everything that happened there.  One […]

Through Smoke: wrestling with being human.

Hello there.   I haven’t written here in much too long. I could give you a lot of valid reasons, but we won’t go into that because I know the real, singular reason I haven’t written. The real reason that I haven’t been writing is that I’ve been struggling. And when I’m struggling I can’t […]