Mixed Media Class #2-5

So, I’ve been a bit bad at updating you on art class. But I’m here to assure you that this flow of pictures will make you smile…(therefore forgive me!) ┬áThis past week we opened up the bible to look for verses that represent the ways we see God moving this April. ­čÖé It was cool […]

Mixed Media Class #1

  Here I am, Ready to relate the cool things that went down this passed Thursday at art class, with my lovely friend Shannon. We made a mess. : ) Here is some photo evidence. First we got out a bunch of stuff to make said mess with. Markers, paint, crayons, paper, glue, everything else. […]

Let Me See

  Today as I’m making the last preparations for art class tomorrow, I’m thinking about learning to recognize subtle inspiration and finding┬ábeauty┬áin common things. ┬áBecause some days you just need to draw inspiration from what you have, and sometimes what you have is a sink full of dishes and the sound of loud voices in […]