Four Months Later

The past four months have been what everyone’s past four months have been: busy, calm, stressful, fun. All by turn. I’ve experienced highs and lows, and in retrospect it’s typically my perception of the “lows” that really sucks. I’ve been working on projects (not exactly tirelessly, but with boughs of inextinguishable enthusiasm popping up when […]

On Fresh Resolve, Callings and Loving One Another.

I think fresh resolve is beautiful. But I’ve found that mine doesn’t come every January when the year resets but when I wake up in the morning and I feel cool morning air on my skin like some silent introduction to a new opportunity for servant-hood. I believe with my whole heart that believers often […]

Happy New Year

It’s the New Year. I woke up this morning in the Central Valley with warmth pouring through the windows. I sat up and I rubbed my blurry eyes awake and looked around at the chaos that is RV Living. I hear the sound of ¬†resolutions resetting all around me, and often times on January first […]