Happy New Year

It’s the New Year.

I woke up this morning in the Central Valley with warmth pouring through the windows. I sat up and I rubbed my blurry eyes awake and looked around at the chaos that is RV Living.

I hear the sound of  resolutions resetting all around me, and often times on January first I find myself being skeptical of all the aspirations formulating in ambitious hearts. Perhaps that’s harsh, but I believe we all have a very good reason to doubt when a bunch of fallen humans decide they will undergo some very specific changes in a course of time. I tend to have more faith in all the circumstances beyond their control than the mere aspirations that aren’t yet strong enough to drive them forward. I’ve made resolutions before. Some were a booming success and some fell off the map even before I got through the typical two weeks of New Years momentum.  This year I made no resolutions but that of continual submission to the vessel-hood to which all believers are called. This is a process that we undergo till He calls us home. It’s not a new resolve but rather the recognition of a very old one.

I believe that the reason most people remain the same, feeling trapped in old habits and patterns is that we try to base the changes in our life on ourselves. We spin our wheels trying to conjure up our own goodness when we have none to offer. The Bible says in Matthew 6 that the eyes are the lamp of the body, and if the eyes are good, your whole body, your whole being will be filled with light.  Jesus didn’t say this to sound profound or overly Spiritual. I think He’s too practical for that. He said this because we do not create our own source of light, rather when our eyes our fixed on Him, our Savior and the light of the world, we undergo a transformation. We allow light to penetrate our perpetual darkness and we are changed.  When the first action we take when we wake up in the morning is this one of response to a God that is already there, who already loves us, we are submitting to Him. We are allowing Him to change us from the inside out. That’s the message here. Perhaps if we made this the center of our resolve we would accomplish more that strings of noble thoughts.

I don’t gather these thoughts to frown upon anyone who has made resolutions, or to belittle the reflections that have been riddling your mind for the past few days, but rather to bring to the table a new perspective on growth. I believe that the best sort of growth is the sort that comes about naturally. Just as trees have a natural progression of maturity, so God is intentional towards us in each season of life, building on what we’ve learned in the last. This might feel  sporadic from our point of view, but submission never makes complete sense to us, does it?

 I hope you lean fully on the hope that we have as an anchor to our soul, holding it to where it really belongs in all things.  

Happy New Year! Here’s to many more.

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