Clearing Cobwebs.

Oh my goodness. There is a layer of dust and cobwebs in this little corner of the internet.  I’ve not abandoned this blog on purpose, I promise. I not only went on tour, but I’ve also taken on several writing projects. I’ve had the pleasure of writing for a stellar organization called RYFO, and I wrote a novel in November. Along with that I’m also in charge of social media and blogging for DLC and all of the ministries under that umbrella. Needless to say, this personal blog has been pushed to the back burner…sorry guys!



I’ve been spending a lot of mornings in prayer. That I would be submissive to the seasons in life that God brings me to, and that this transition from doing what I wish with my time to having increasing responsibility would grow me in the best possible ways, and that I would seek after Him. But, my prayers haven’t been just for myself. I’ve also felt an increasing burden to make the gospel my first priority-continually.  My new years resolution for 2013 was to be more intentional. And in a lot of ways, my life has been much more intentional. In others, I feel like God has been very intentional with me. He always is, but in the past year I’ve really seen His faithfulness with new eyes. He is a very very good God and constantly brings me just outside of my comfort zone. I want so badly to share this goodness with everyone.

I recently heard a missionary speak about biblical hospitality. One of my biggest struggles with living in an RV is finding ways to practice hospitality without having much room for people in our home, and it’s been cool to find opportunities to do hospitality in unconventional ways. Just meeting people’s needs, investing in their lives, following through in prayer…loving. It’s so much more significant than preaching with words. I ask God daily that my life would exemplify His goodness-even though I am not good.

Mostly, He is my sanctuary every day. His goodness, grace and mercy constantly surprise me. And even while everything is going to sleep for the winter, He continues to stir up new life, making us new creations. He quiets my chaos, and I find rest in Him.

That’s my life update. Perhaps I’ll have more to say soon-but maybe not.  I love you all. 🙂


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