Hi guys,

I got a new theme. Not in love, but it sure it cute. 🙂

I’ve been a busy girl these days. We’ve been getting DLC Radio off the ground, and so there has been lots of computer work, brainstorming, emailing, and all round craziness. In addition to that, we’re working on a new album! Studio dates are set for June, and there is a lot to be done before then.  Of course, since there is a tour to follow up the album, we’ve got to prepare for that as well. A lot to do. But it’s all good, all a blessing, and meanwhile, I’m still teaching art, still writing everyday.


Sometimes it feels like a lot of work, without much to show for it. When discouragement creeps in I start thinking things like, “what have we done?” and “why didn’t I invest more in my education?” and “maybe we could get day jobs.” It gives me the blues. Because whether other humans see it from the outside looking in, it’s a very very real struggle to constantly be trying to book yourself, sell your album, self-promote, etc. and still maintain the heart and soul that drives it. I wish the business aspect would vanish sometimes. And instead of brushing up on my networking skills, we could all just gather in a room with a cup of coffee and talk about what’s really going down. That’s who I am. That’s who I want everyone else to be. But, as with anything, there is a balance required.

Which, might I add, is sickly ironic. I’m the least graceful and balanced person in my acquaintance.

I know all my fears are pacified when I look and see my Heavenly Father nodding, patting us on the back and saying, “keep walking uphill. There is nothing for you anywhere else.” I know that this, here and now, is what is right for us.

And, all in all, I know that God is faithful and good. He sees my desires plainly. Even clearer than I see them. And that, is a huge comfort for me. That’s why I write, to find clarity. To untangle my thoughts in some sort of outlet. To turn my blues into something exciting. For the Kingdom. I’ve been praying that we see God’s hand clearly in Oakdale, in everywhere. Everything. Because He is the arms I run to and the Hope I cling to.

Man, I’m grateful for words. Thanks Lord, for words.



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