Mixed Media Class #2-5

a bibleSo, I’ve been a bit bad at updating you on art class. But I’m here to assure you that this flow of pictures will make you smile…(therefore forgive me!)

 This past week we opened up the bible to look for verses that represent the ways we see God moving this April. 🙂 It was cool to create a page inspired by what’s going on in reality, in our lives. And to take a moment  to acknowledge that we see and are grateful for God’s hand in our life. 🙂

crayons are a must.

Crayons are a must.

paint and things.


burD 045

Sometimes it gets really messy.

 burD 044

Bubble wrap is a favorite tool for texture. 😉

burD 048

wonder wonder I…

burD 042

Looking for a peekture. 🙂

That’s all the photos I have from the past few weeks. Tomorrow we  are working on a “quilt” and I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures. 🙂 Be prepared.


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