At the Core.

In light of the tragedy in Boston today, everything that I was planning to write seems so incredibly small.

It’s so scary in human terms that when all we want to do is go stare at the ceiling and contemplate nothing at all, the world still turns. It’s scary that there isn’t a pause button to so that we can figure things out and process how we feel about things.

My initial reactions is confusion, when it comes to dealing with life and death. It’s a huge thing for the human mind to process. And I’m sorry that the ones left behind are indeed left with such a mess of emotions to sort through.

I’ve been seeing a lot of responses dealing with not knowing the answers to any of the questions posed by those moved and effected by events like this. Like the theater and school shootings that recently rocked our nation.  I do wish that we could all get off the hook easily by pinning things on gun control or bad parenting or the way our society moves, etc.

But let’s be honest. Would that really change our sinful nature? Would it really change that regardless of the personal convictions that we push on one another, everyone will only act on what they believe to be in their own best interest?

No. I think the answer lies somewhere much deeper, and more dangerous than force. It’s within the very core of our human hearts. It’s when we choose to love that it really makes a difference. Love is a driving force that we cannot comprehend.  I believe that with my whole heart.

And it leads me to believe that when Jesus said the greatest command was to love the Lord your God with Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength, He had a much bigger perspective than we will ever have.


My heart and prayers are with everyone who is struggling with pain today.   Love to you all. ♥ ~Sydney



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