How utterly predictable.

The past couple times I have sat down to write here, I go blank. Absolutely blank. Sometimes I hit this communication lull and I can’t claw my way out of it.  I find in times like this, it’s best just to be honest.

It’s shocking, but I feel like I have nothing of importance to say. I feel like I’ve used my phrases up, and spun all my words around in my head so much that I’m dizzy and ought to sit down. I suppose there are a lot of things I could say. I could talk about the band, or the weather. I could talk about my opinion on current politics, or  my favorite books (it would be a long post, I can tell you now). But I feel as if all my words would bore you. And I feel like my words would bore me.  And the last thing we want is more boring words strung together in a boring line.

So although it’s my charge to write to you all, and come up with something to hold your attention for a minute or two, today I’m not going to try to “come up” with anything. But give you straight honesty from my heart, to my finger tips, to your incredibly gracious eyes and ears.

Recently, it’s felt like a peaceful steadiness. There isn’t much to tell, and sometimes it’s nice that way. Of course due to my introspective nature, there is an abundance going on in my head and heart. It’s as if Jesus is saying that I ought to be still and just listen for a while. Become more of a listener, less of a talker. Thus my lack of subject matter, I suppose.

Changes of season thrill me.



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