My Story In Pieces #1: For the Love of Music.

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One day when I was around 10, I was playing music with two of my brothers. I was on keyboards, they were on guitar and drums. I was getting frustrated because I’m not very good on keys. I kept getting off time/hitting the wrong chords. I certainly wasn’t having any fun. And, like young kids do, we started fighting and getting irritated with each other. And we ended our little practice together. When my dad came into the garage and asked what the problem was, we were all grumbling and pointing fingers. Silly children. 🙂  I don’t remember what he said to us, but I do remember feeling like I was meant to play music. Little did I know that within my tenth year I would pick up a bass guitar for the first time and it was meant to be.

It was quite a few years ago now, that my dad first suggested I learn bass. But I remember being so excited that I wanted to take my first lesson that day. So, my father got out my oldest brother’s butterscotch blonde Fender P Bass that we were holding onto for him (I couldn’t even lift it in it’s case) and sat me down and taught me the musical alphabet. It was empowering to me. By the end of my first music lesson I was plucking  G C D C with reckless abandon…(okay, maybe more like meek hesitation..) nevertheless, it felt good. It was the first time playing music ever clicked.

So that’s the glamorous history of how this bassist was established. No fancy training. Didn’t even learn on my own bass. Shoot, I can’t even read music. But I sure can play the blues and it’s what God made me to do.

Little did I know that God had much bigger plans for me than living room jam sessions.  But, at that time in my life, those jam sessions were exactly what I needed. To learn how to play with a band, to feel confident in myself and my fingers. It’s cool to look back and remember a time when three chord songs were a challenge and I couldn’t even work an amplifier. Now my life consists of memorizing set lists and working with sound guys. It’s funny how God brings you to places that you would never even dream of being in. It makes you wonder where you’ll be in another 6 years! 🙂

Short and sweet, that’s what got me started in music. Just another small piece of what made me who I am today.  I encourage you all to look back and thank God for the circumstances in your life that brought you where you are. What’s a piece of your story?  I’d love to hear about it!

In Christ,



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