Let Me See


Today as I’m making the last preparations for art class tomorrow, I’m thinking about learning to recognize subtle inspiration and finding beauty in common things.  Because some days you just need to draw inspiration from what you have, and sometimes what you have is a sink full of dishes and the sound of loud voices in a vortex of activity. That’s not always my ideal artistic sanctum.  But, due to my current place in life, that’s what I’ve got. And I love every second of it because it’s where I am supposed to be. Nevertheless, making the bathroom counter into an easel because it’s the only flat surface not currently in use isn’t always the most satisfying idea to the rest of the household.

My goal tomorrow is to encourage taking something ordinary and maybe even unpleasant and drawing out what you can learn from it. I made this little prompt jar to help my efforts.

sort these 331

I’m definitely excited about it. I love the idea of taking what you get and doing what you can with it.  Perhaps next week I’ll share what we come up with in our mixed media goodness! 🙂 Meanwhile, I pray that God would allow me to practice what I preach and that I would always do the absolute best I can in the situations He puts me in.

What are your artistic endevours this week?




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