My Story in Pieces: An Introduction


Everyone’s story is different. And I think that different stories can be told different ways. Some choose paint. Some choose songs, some use words.  Maybe you’ve never been in a church in your life, perhaps you don’t even have the desire. Maybe you go faithfully every week. Some of you are probably just figuring out what this Jesus thing is about, and that’s awesome! Maybe you have this incredible story of God’s deliverance in your life.  Or perhaps you’re just waiting and wondering if God has anything for you at all. (I’ll give you a hint..He does and it’s really incredible..) Whatever it is, you HAVE a story. In fact, most of our stories haven’t even reached the climax.




As for me, I’ve known who Jesus is ever since I can remember. I grew up in Church, Bible Study, and Sunday School.  I don’t have this extraordinary redemption story.   It’s more like a steady pursuit, Jesus slowly pulling me in deeper, closer. Better.

I’ve thought many times about writing my testimony down. But it always seemed like there were too many shards and rabbit trails for me to encapsulate into one story. So, I’ve decided to share my story in pieces.  This is an introduction to that process, and I’m excited to share.


It probably won’t be a distinct timeline. It probably won’t make too much sense if you pull it all together. But everything I’m going to share is something that has helped shape my life into what you see today. It’s been God’s consistent  and untiring pursuit of me in a world that tries desperately to pull me in. It’s my story, of falling in love with the Creator, and trying to be more like Him. It’s the story He’s been writing for me. And as it develops, I’m sure that you’ll see He’s always faithful. He’s always there. And He is always Good.

More than that, my hope is that you experience Him and all His goodness for yourself.  In your own story! With your own quirky details and struggles and victories!

Be encouraged my friends! We are only here for a short while.


~Sydney ♥


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