Somethings are bound to make us Uncomfortable.

“Therefore let us stop passing judgement on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put a stumbling block or obstacle in your brothers way.” Romans :14:13

What a profound statement.

It’s interesting how the bible is always applicable. It’s a radical, counter-cultural way of life. It was then, it is now. The very commandment “love your neighbor as yourself” absolutely defies human nature. Yet we are called to it. Called to a narrow path that says you aren’t to judge each other, but lighten the load of your fellow creatures. It’s not just about being decent, it’s about love.

I’ve had a few conversations recently about what it means to be a stumbling block. And evidence proves it to be actions and reactions based on your personal relationships.  The issue is, there is a fear in sharing with people absolute morals, or convictions that you have about the way your live. It’s almost a shame thing, because of the judgement we are used to. It’s as if there is a prior knowledge of your judgement if you share your convictions.  Humans tend to move in herds. Group together with people, and adopt their customs. We are easily influenced and it kills us. We’re brought up in a fallen world that teaches conformity in a disguise that communicates  that we should follow our dreams. Doesn’t that sound nice? What’s really happening, however, is they are giving you a dream to follow. And you’re convinced it’s yours due to the box that society puts you in. We’ve all been caught in that trap.

I praise God for His word that is our weapon in finding truth. It cuts through the lies constantly thrown  at us by the things in this world.   And it says not to pass judgement on one another, but to make up our minds to NOT cause each other to stumble. And in this world, that’s a bit insane.  It’s a combination of vulnerability and self-sacrifice and unconditional love. A combination bound to make a human uncomfortable.

You guys, it blows my mind.

The standard we are held to is frighteningly high. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, huh?

I pray that God would intervene today, that I wouldn’t judge, and that I would sacrifice my personal desires that my brothers and sisters would thrive. That we would all thrive in unity, in Christ.

~Sydney ♥


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